Questions you may have when junking your car…..

Q. How do I get paid?

A. You will be paid on the spot, cash or check.

Q. Is there a towing or removal fee?

A. No. The removal is free. Always a free tow. Always free removal.

Q. Is my vehicle worth money even if it doesn’t run?

A. Yes. Cars in any condition, as long as they are a complete vehicle including the original recyclable parts, are worth great money.

Q. Do I need the title in my name?

A. Yes in most situations. There are other options in some cases, but proof of ownership is required.

Q. Do I need to leave the tires and/or rims on the vehicle?

A. All that’s required is that the vehicle can be towed. 2 wheels that roll must be on the vehicle. The # of wheels and their condition must be discussed at the time of the booking so we know what kind of truck to send.

Q. If I remove the battery will I get less?

A. Yes. If you remove the battery, you just need to let us know at the time of booking. Removal of battery reduces the vehicle quote whether the battery is old or new. If you can supply your old replacement battery, then there is no deduction in price.

Q. Do I have to be at the pickup?

A. Yes. However, if you sign the title as the seller and the title is in your name, you may be able to designate someone to do the transaction for you. Just make sure you provide a copy of your ID along with a signed note that gives that person permission to do the transaction on your behalf. That person also needs a valid Id.

Q. If my car has been dead and not running for a while, can I still get a pickup?

A. Yes. As long as it’s towable, it’s worth great money and it can be removed at no cost. You Get paid to have your car removed.

If you still have any questions call one of our helpful representatives at 855-248-2557.